What is ISIS: Everything about Isis Today

Do not mix-up ISIS with Al-Qaeda. These are completely two different groups with different ideology. Though ISIS was formed by former AQI leader [Al-Qaeda in Iraq]. But two groups are rivals to each other now. Even in 2015, present Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri declared war against ISIS.

Flags of ISIS and AL-Qaeda

Formation of AQI [Al-Qaeda in Iraq] :

ISIS was created from AQI but not from Global Al-Qaeda which was founded by Ossama bin Laden. In 2001, USA invaded Afghanistan. During that period, Osama bin Laden (Leader of Global Al-Qaeda) and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi ( Leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq) both left Afghanistan. Later Abu al-Zarqawi formed ‘Al-Qaeda in Iraq’ (AQI) by June 2004. In 2006, USA killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Despite his death, his thought and ideology was alive.


On the Left : Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who founded AQI  & On the Right : Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi, successor of al-Zarqawi. Later he converted AQI to ISI and then ISI to ISIS.

On the Left : Osama bin Laden founder of Global Al-Qaeda and On the Right : Ayman Al-Zawahiri leader of Al-Qaeda after Laden. He declared war against ISIS.

Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi took charge of AQI after Al-Zarqawi’s death in 2006. When USA established a new Tripod government in 2011, an agreement was made between USA and new Iraqi government. The new government represented all the three major community of Iraq. Despite that, the government was a power vacuum filled by Shia. Even the Prime Minister also belonged to Shia community. He started ruling with a negative attitude towards Sunni. Government’s every decision was to facilitate Shia. Thus the Sunni and Kurd community became victims after the new government was formed.

On the other hand Shia become more dominant in Iraq. As a result, Sunni and Kurd community became anti-government in Iraq. So AL-Qaeda in Iraq got direct or indirect support from the Sunni and Kurd of Iraq. But after the involvement of USA in Iraq, Al-Baghdadi was losing his ground there. So he planned to move Syria. Because, Syria was a war zone.

How Al-Qaeda in Iraq [AQI] became Islamic State in Iraq [ISI] :

Al-Baghdadi sent Abu Muhammad Al Jelani to Syria. There he founded a branch of AQI and named it Al-Nusra Front. After some period Al Baghdadi changed the name of AQI to ISI [ Islamic State in Iraq ] and also changed their ideology. Meanwhile, Al Nusra Front became the most effective anti-government fighting force in Syria. So Al-Baghdadi proposed  Al Jelani to merge Al Nusra with ISI. As Baghdadi was deviated from Al-Qaeda ideology, Al Jelani rejected Baghdadi’s proposal. At that time, the leader of Global Al-Qaeda was Ayman Al-Zawahiri.

How Islamic State in Iraq [ISI] became ISIS :

After Jilani’s rejection, Al Baghdadi set up his new branch of ISI in Syria and named it ISIS [Islamic State in Iraq and Syria]. He openly urged al-Nusra solders to join ISIS. And also announced that he had attained legitimacy from Al-Qaeda leader Al-Zawahiri. Consequently, many Al-Nusra solders left Al-Nusra to join ISIS without verifying Baghdadi’s claim. As a result ISIS became more powerful than Al-Nusra. Thus ISIS was formed in Syria by Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi.

How ISIS got help from U.S :

In 2013, Free Syrian Army General suddenly appealed the world to help them. Because they were losing the war against Assad Regime. USA decided to help FSA. Government of USA ordered CIA to train and supply weapons to FSA. But so many FSA soldiers and officers had a plan to join ISIS. They first joined training provided by CIA. After completion, they joined ISIS. As a result, within one year ISIS had got so many trained soldiers including modern weapons and modern battle tanks. Thus USA unknowingly made ISIS the strongest extremist group of Syria.

Did U.S. really create ISIS ? 

Knowingly or Unknowingly, U.S some how made ISIS dominant in the region. Many Global experts also say that USA created ISIS intentionally. Some reports which indicate that US is responsible for making ISIS the strongest terrorist organisation on earth. These are ….. a) When US was leaving Iraq, US government knew about Islamic State of Iraq [ISI]. But they did not take any action. b) So many nations are buying oil from black market of ISIS in half the price of International price. Being a super power, till now USA do not take any actions against those nations. This indicates that U.S may be one of those. c) Forming ISIS may be the plan of USA and Israel to destabilise all the Islamic nations of the region. So that no Islamic county can think to attack Israel.

What ever might be, ISIS become so radical now. This group is also responsible for thousands of killings in Syria. They also attack peoples around the world. Therefore, U.S.A’s main agenda ” Remove Assad “  have changed to “Destroy ISIS”.

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