What is Israel Palestine conflict or Arab Israeli conflict ?

Israel Palestine conflict is one of the most complex issue on earth. The UN had already taken various steps to find a permanent solution for this. But no fruitful result yet. Actually the whole land of Israel and Palestine you know presently was known as Palestine before 1946. israel palestine conflict mapNow the land is divided into two parts in a very complex way.

Who & for what they are fighting ?

Two communities are fighting there for their self-governance. One is Jewish, who want Israeli government to rule the whole land by keeping the name of land as Israel.

On the other side, Palestinian want Arabian government to rule as the land was Palestine earlier.

Israel is the only country for Jewish, where they can live with their identity. But so many Arab countries are there where Palestinian can live safely. So, practically Jewish are fighting for their own existence.

History of Israel Palestine conflict:

If you go back to History, you will always find Britain who was responsible for creation of any issue in the world. And this time there is no difference. Britain had created the Israel Palestine Conflict.

Before WW-I, the whole region was controlled by Ottoman Empire. When WW-I broke out, Britain encouraged Arab to fight against Ottoman Empire. Britain secretly promised Arab that they can set up Arab state in Palestine after WW-I. At the same time British foreign secretary (Arthur James) officially announced a full support to Jewish to setup their own government for Jewish community in Palestine. Thus promising the same land to two different community, British had created Israel Palestine conflict for future.

Beginning of  Israel Palestine conflict after WW-I

As British announced support to Jewish, peoples of Jewish community from all over the world started gathering in Palestine. During WW-II Hitler launched a genocide against Jewish community. That was known as HOLOCAUST by Adolf Hitler. More than 42 lacks of Jewish were killed. Even Jewish were killed, tortured in Middle Eastern and European countries. So Jewish felt Palestine safe for them. This feeling leaded a large scale immigration of Jewish in Palestine.

From 1918-1945, Jewish percentage in Palestine had reached from 3 % to 30 %. Jewish are considered the most intelligent community on earth. Even Half of Novel prize owner of 20th Century belongs to Jewish. They are rich too. So any Jewish who came in Palestine, first buy lands from poor Arabians. Thus 30 % Jewish were more powerful than rest of the Arabians. One the other hand, Arab started setting up Arabian government there. Thus the two groups became rival and consequently the conflict began.

Division of Palestine and Creation of Israel :

israel palestine conflictAfter a huge number collisions and protests, in November 1947 UN finally decided to divide Palestine. The parts are Israel for Jewish and Palestine for Arabian. West bank and Gaza as Palestine, and rest part as Israel. In 1948, British withdrew military from there and left the situation on UN’s hand. The decision taken by UN kept both of the two promises made by British earlier. But the problem was in Israeli areas many Arabian were living and in Palestine areas many Jewish were living. See the map, how complex it became.

Arab was not satisfied with the decision. They refused to accept Jewish government to rule any part of the land. They refused to accept Israel as a country. In 1967 Arab countries attacked Israel to destroy the whole country and establish the whole land as Palestine. But after 10 month Israeli defeated all Arab countries. As a result, Israeli not only secured their land but also recaptured West bank and Gaza Strip. So at the end of 1967 the map was fully Israeli as shown in picture. israel palestine conflict

Israelis started gathering in to the west bank which was newly captured by the Israel government. Here the situation became more complex. They started buying a small areas from poor Palestinian and living group wise. In the West Bank, Israeli towns were created here and there inside the Palestinian area. Thus they were colonising the land to expand their nation.

They constructed roads to connect one town to another and also connected the road with their main land. In these way the West Bank became more Israeli land. So Palestinian protested against huge presence of Israeli in West Bank. As a result the collision between the two community escalated again. Thousands of peoples were died.

Agreement to establish peace :

Finally in 1993, Oslo Accords agreement was signed between Palestinian leader and Israeli PM for the establishment of self-government. As per the agreement the West Bank was divided into 3 parts. Remember that, the agreement was Only about West Bank and The Israel part remained for Israelis. Thus Israel land was expanding. You can see in the map that after Oslo Accords the land for Palestinian became too small.


A => 18 % land area of  WB => Fully controlled by Palestinian

B => 22 % land area of WB => Govt. under Palestinian & Security under Israeli

C =>  60 % land area of  WB => Fully controlled by Israeli

Now you can understand how critical the problem was becoming. One thing to remind you that the area which was fully recognised as Israel was under full control of Israel. Thus the settlement of West Bank reduced the area for Palestinian. Even the area under Palestinian was poor in minerals, infrastructure, hospitals and education. So Palestinian government became financially more burden. As a whole Palestinian felt themselves deprived from every aspects.

If you see the map you can easily understand how a Palestinian dominant land now become a Israeli dominant land.

israel palestine conflict map

Israel Palestine conflict not over yet. Other Arabian countries also fighting against Israel to remove Israelis from the whole area. But the fact is, the strongest and cleverest cannot be destroyed so easily. Even USA also in support of Israel. So the task become harder for Arab countries to destroy Israel. As a result, the fight has not come to the end yet.

Hope you have understood what is Israel Palestine conflict

It is necessary to understand the right of each to exist.Though the fact is, Israel hits back so that they can survive on earth. Because Israel is totally surrounded by all their enemy nations who always try to destroy Israel.

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